Our 'Feed Your Tribe' is a takeaway feast designed to feed two to four people. If there are two of you enjoying this pack then there may be some delicious leftovers or if there are four adults enjoying it then we encourage you to add some tasty dishes on! There are three options for you to select from; CHICKEN, LAMB or VEGETARIAN (vegan available on request).

BABA GHANOUSH / pomegranate, grilled Lebanese breads 
ROASTED CHICKEN SHAWARMA / smoked harissa...
MARKET HUMMUS / grilled Lebanese bread  
WOOD ROASTED LAMB SHOULDER /  tomato, chilli, fermented ...
 BABA GHANOUSH / pomegranate, grilled Lebanese bread  
RICOTTA DUMPLINGS /  parmesan custard, spr...
BABA GHANOUSH / pomegranate, grilled Lebanese bread  
PERSIAN DAHL /  pickled green chill

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